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Why Vote for Nnedi?

Nnedi Stephens

As a hiring professional with a depth of experience in organizational development, Nnedi knows what it takes to run a business.

As a former unionized campaign staffer, Nnedi recognizes how to navigate and dismantle political double-talk.

As a black femme-nonbinary person with a STEM background, Nnedi understands what it’s like to stand up and fight for representation.

An active community leader, a fighter for equal rights, and a difference-maker with deep roots in Northern Nevada, Nnedi Stephens is your best choice for Nevada State Senate.

Nnedi's Story

First-generation Nnedi Stephens (They/She) was born and raised in Reno-Sparks, Nevada. The oldest of four, Nnedi discovered the value of reciprocity by studying the way their hard-working Nigerian parents interacted with those around them.

An adept learner, Nnedi became an active community member at an early age, participating in various volunteer organizations aimed at cultural awareness and community development.

Throughout their teens and into adulthood, Nnedi’s desire for community betterment only grew, becoming involved in over ten community organizations, including Nevada Women’s Lobby, Human Rights Campaign, and Nevada Democratic Black Caucus.

Before transitioning to a full-time role as an advocate for progress, Nnedi worked as a full-time caregiver and served as a public servant on both state and federal levels.

Nnedi graduated from the University of Nevada with two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a Biomedical Emphasis and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in Spanish Translation.

Community Recognition

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