With these collector replicas, a YouTuber and die-cast aficionado shows us the closest thing 

The Tesla Cybertruck has gained a lot of attention on the internet from both Tesla fans eager

 the road and detractors who believe the vehicle is debatable for a number of reasons.

Regardless of one's personal views on the Cybertruck, it is without a doubt a strong competitor 

which include some of the craziest, oddest, and rarest automobiles in existence—some of which are only concepts.

Although die-cast vehicles never truly went away, their collecting appeal has recently increased 

 Many die-cast cars now serve as more than simply toys for young car lovers, making them a popular 

According to YouTuber and die-cast fan Diecast Dude,

there are a startling amount of variances between each die-cast model, even if the car itself doesn't have

If you know anything about Diecast Dude, you probably know that he evaluates a lot of die-cast toys