We evaluate the specifications and characteristics of the new Tesla and look into the viability of solar panels.

In 2019, when Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, social media erupted. 

The futuristic and wacky-looking car has already become a worldwide phenomenon,

with many debating its contentious appearance while also anxiously anticipating arrival.

Whether they loved it or hated it, who wouldn't want to test drive the future electric pickup truck?

The testing portion, however, will have to wait a little longer as the Cybertruck is anticipated to launch in 2022.

Tesla has been teasing us with updates in the meantime to maintain the anticipation. 

The solar panel roof is the most recent to catch our eye.

Solar panels have received a lot of consideration in the vehicle business, but the majority of automakers 

They came to the conclusion that this application would not contribute much power to automobiles