Here are several reasons why the new Alpha Wolf Truck should thrill us all, but is it superior to the Tesla Cybertruck

To give Alpha credit where credit is due, considering that they are a start-up from California,

Their PR team must be really busy at the moment.

And they did well by doing so. To put it mildly, the automobile business is cutthroat,

he Alpha Wolf Truck, is receiving a lot of favourable press.

 It was described to as Top Gear's favourite new pickup truck. That's saying a lot, actually!

The Los Angeles Petersen Automotive Museum hosted the unveiling of the new Alpha model in August. 

The Californian start-up has made hints that the 2023 debut of its next electric vehicle (EV) 

 It shouldn't be shocking that a start-up has gotten on the electric vehicle bandwagon given how popular

Green Car Reports claims that Alpha spent a lot of money creating its new automotive beast.