The new Tesla Cybertruck meets the wild outdoors in an incredible render created by artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel.

One of the most intriguing forthcoming cars we are presently anticipating is the Tesla Cybertruck

What if, though, the already radical design was then intensified? Timothy Adry Emmanuel 

 the Cybertruck for some intense off-roading adventure in these exclusive HotCars teasers.

Many of the original truck's design elements have been carried over into Emmanuel's 

It has just recently been advanced. With all the extra off-roading equipment Emmanuel has added 

 the design now has a little more of a purpose. Even still, the car's perplexing design makes 

We can't deny, though, that it is undoubtedly one of the most striking designs currently being developed

This fantastic off-road Cybertruck has a tonne of modifications. 

improvements include the light bar over the cabin, the portal axles, and the enormous off-roading