Is the Tesla Cybertruck Actually Dangerous?

For the time being, let's put the jokes and memes aside and focus on the actual design of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

It definitely deviates from the norm, which could have been the intent. 

And to use Elon Musk's words, it still obviously needs some work as seen by the window debacle. 

However, minor elements like the stainless steel body raise concerns beyond those related to towing and range. 

Since the electric truck's introduction, questions have been raised concerning both its safety and if it is even allowed to drive on public roads. 

We aim to answer some of these queries today.

Tesla Cybertruck crash safety

On Twitter and websites like TopSpeed, one of the most pressing concerns about Cybertrucks was safety. 

Due to growing vehicle weight, the IIHS has recently been compelled to scale up their crash-test barriers.