The Tesla Cybertruck will square off against the new Ford F-150 Lightning. Here are the specifications.

The Ford F-150 Lightning was previously shrouded in secret, but now both the specifications 

 the images are out. Of course, the Tesla Cybertruck is already under development

 there is also the Rivian R1T, so this is not the only forthcoming electric truck on the market.

And if you include SUVs, the 2023 GMC Hummer EV enters the competition as well. 

While it is now an SUV, the Hummer SUT might always become a reality, once again.

But for the time being, we have accurate and thorough specs from Ford, and we can contrast parts

 the Tesla Cybertruck even if Tesla has not yet made all of its specifications public.

That being said, the rivalry between the two is fierce because one is a market leader in EVs

Elon Musk, who is driving Tesla and his bank account to new heights, is on the one hand