A crucial update on the first pickup from the EV manufacturer.

We have all been anticipating Tesla's Cybertruck for a number of years now, but it appears that 

 already unusual vehicle may be about to get a little more fascinating

. On the Tesla website, the vehicle can no longer be customised, although there is a rumour

The firm is allegedly considering eliminating the single motor version and just offering the 2, 3, and 4 motor

Whole Mars Catalog was really fortunate to receive a response from Musk on their Twitter tweet immediately. 

The Tesla CEO said that, at least initially, the Cybertruck will only be produced in the four-motor version.

Each wheel's torque would be independently controlled and respond extremely quickly in this design. 

He continued by saying that the vehicle could move diagonally like a crab in addition to driving like a tank. 

Then he responded to his own tweet promoting the four-motor version with the simple phrase