Tesla Cybertruck: 5 Hidden Features You Actually Missed

In 2023, the divisive and groundbreaking Tesla Cybertruck will finally hit the market. 

This new pickup truck has a futuristic appearance, but it also has a tonne of helpful functions and amazing capabilities.

There are a few advantages of this new Tesla truck that you may not be aware of, like its 500-mile driving range, 14,000-pound towing capacity, and low starting price.

1. The Tesla Cybertruck has thin light strips for the rear passenger

There is a tiny LED light strip above each rear door that, when required, illuminates the back of the cabin.

One aspect of this electric vehicle that you might have overlooked when perusing its characteristics is this one. 

While looking out of the enormous glass top that Tesla included on this electric vehicle, it's simple to overlook these lights.

2. This new Tesla truck has a versatile cargo area

Even though the bed of this Tesla truck is 6.5 feet long, there are occasionally long objects that don't quite fit.