The Cybertruck may change into a catamaran in an innovative new design from Electric Vehicles Inc.

The Tesla Cybertruck in its complete, production form is something we are all very much looking forward to. 

The truck is now experiencing several delays and adjustments, which could be taking some

However, it appears that we are in luck. Considering that TSWLM Electric Vehicles created 

 the Cybercat. This Cybertruck has transformed into an amphibious catamaran in two

 Both the Cybercat basic version and the Cybercat Foiler are available for the Cybercat.

The Cybercat's fundamental characteristics are pretty fascinating.

According to the business behind it, if the Cybercat travels at 6 mph, it will have a range of 100

At 15 mph, the range is 44 nautical miles. In essence, what you receive is a conversion kit that allows 

 The consumer will have access to any component they require. According to the manufacturer,