The Cybertruck is destined to change the world because it is so much more than a typical pickup truck.

With each model that Tesla puts on the market, there is something unique about them.

 Tesla, the automaker that fundamentally changed the way cars were designed,

 is poised to introduce a new pickup truck that is packed with features and has cutting-edge styling

The Cybertruck, as it's known, resembles a vehicle from a science fiction film, and Elon Musk 

"It is the ultimate apocalyptic automobile." The new Tesla truck, which can pull an F-150 while climbing a hill

If the appearances seem too monotonous or strange, use those electric and battery

The Cybertruck first has the appearance of a pixelated Minecraft automobile, but that shouldn't stop

 the Cybertruck body shell possesses. The Cybertruck has a colourless, angular appearance

Built to be strong and durable, the Cybertruck is equipped as standard with transparent metal glass, or as Elon Musk