What if the Tesla Cybertruck had two wheels instead of four? It's already one of the most intriguing 

One of the most talked-about automobiles to be unveiled in the previous 10 years is the Tesla Cybertruck

And rightfully so, given that it deviates from the traditional design aesthetic of today's automobiles.

 It is a pick-up truck that not only stands out from the competition in terms of appearance,

The Tesla Cybertruck offers a novel perspective on autos in general as well as pick-up trucks specifically.

And now that strategy has been applied to the realm of motorcyclists with the Tesla Model M,

a motorbike that was modelled after the Cybertruck.

They are renowned for exploiting cutting-edge technology to push the limits of filmmaking

, but they are also well-known for the motorbikes that appear in them. 

 The appearance of the bike's wheels was one of its main design appeals.