The heavy-duty drivetrain added by the custom render gives the impending 4-wheel-drive vehicle

The Tesla Cybertruck, which has solidified its place as one of the most eagerly awaited cars

memory, is now more well-known for giving reporters and fans grief because of its ongoing delays.

Millions of clients wait in agony while their heroic leader teases them sometimes about when they may genuinely

As it stands, the Cybertruck will surely become one of the more distinctive representations of our EV truck future, 

Because of its divisive appearance and features, we'd have to assume many of its purchasers 

However, thanks to Instagram digital artist Jlord8, we have now discovered a way for truck enthusiasts

even after gas-powered trucks are long gone: the Tesla Cybertruck Dually. Logically speaking

the odds of die-hard truck enthusiasts welcoming Tesla with open arms are low.

The renderer increased the cabin's size by lowering the roofline, giving it a little more utility than a typical dually vehicle.