Tesla reduces its manufacturing CAPEX costs by around $85 per vehicle by upgrading to a stainless

Nobody anticipated what Tesla presented in November 2019 despite Elon Musk's declaration

The vehicle first has the appearance of having been created in a high school shop: The whole body is flat

Not a single curve can be found anywhere on this pickup.

Adam Nash, a Dropbox executive, called the Tesla Cybertruck "fascinating"

claimed that the cutting-edge pickup "shows the power of opinionated design."

" He questioned whether the design of the Cybertruck would appeal to the American truck-buying base, though.

As a result, even though many reviewers had a field day mocking the straightforward, 

origami-inspired design, they glaringly overlooked the main reason why this truck looks the way it does: 

Tesla's exoskeleton is made of cold-rolled stainless steel, which reduces the need for a lot of manufacturing