The Cybertruck will lose out to other electric pickup trucks in the market. See if this has any impact

One of the most well-known brands in the electric vehicle (EV) sector is Tesla. With Elon Musk,

at the helm, the firm only concentrates on electric cars and has been constantly in the news

The Cybertruck, a light-duty electric pickup truck from Tesla with a futuristic appearance that resembles

Since then, EV aficionados who are impatiently anticipating delivery of the vehicle have teased

According to revised delivery projections, the Cybertruck will arrive by the end of 2023.

 Unfortunately, many people may be growing impatient while they wait for the Cybertruck 

 already started producing and even delivered their electric pickup trucks.

Despite having a well-known brand and a solid reputation, Tesla appears to be lagging behind

other EV pickup trucks, some of which are made by well-known brands like Ford, Chevy, and GMC.