Why the Tesla Cybertruck’s Stainless Steel Body Panels Could Be a Problem

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup is striking, whether you like it or not. 

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, asserted that Blade Runner had an effect on the truck's design. 

Although other commentators think Back to the Future when they see those sharp, glossy stainless steel panels. 

But it's certainly fascinating to choose steel over aluminium. 

Like the F-150 that Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holhausen pounded with a hammer, other Tesla vehicles are constructed of aluminium. 

Even though Musk has tweeted about it, there may be problems if the Tesla truck's body panels are made of stainless steel.

Why use stainless steel body panels in the first place?

It's interesting to note that stainless steel wasn't Tesla's first preference, according to Musk. 

The initial plan called for titanium body panels for the Cybertruck. The CEO countered that cold-rolled 30X stainless steel was significantly tougher and stronger.